Jun'ichiro ISHII

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“A man selling spears and shields was praising his shields as so hard that nothing could penetrate them.
Immediately afterwards, he said in praise of his spears “My spears are so sharp they will pen- etrate anything.” When someone asked “What if I penetrate your shield with your spear?”
he was at a loss to answer”

[Han Fei Zi / ca. 280–233 BC]

KIKA gallery is pleased to present “DO NOT ART,” a project by artist Jun’ichiro Ishii.
Since 2004, Ishii has worked in and exhibited in over 20 countries in the “art peripheries/interlocal sites” of Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.
As is visibly evident, “DO NOT ART” is a project begun by Ishii in 2006 that prohibits people from creating “ART.” However, it becomes unclear as to what exactly the sign is forbidding when one stops to think about what they are being told not to do.
There will be no “ART” of any kind allowed in the gallery during the exhibition period. If you are suspected of committing “ART,” KIKA may ask you to voluntarily come to the staff room for questioning. If Ishii determines it was “ART,” the suspect will be reported with a warning on the gallery wall.

KG + No.50

Jun'ichiro ISHII

Since 2004 ISHII has been traveling on the margins of art / through interlocal settings in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, making and presenting works in over 20 countries. In addition to participation in the Larnaca Biennale (’23/’21 Cyprus), Artisterium (’13/’11, Georgia), Moscow Biennale for Young Art (’10), TashkentAle (’10/’08, Uzbekistan), and Istanbul Biennial: “Nightcomers” (’07), his work has been shown in a number of group and solo exhibitions.