In just a few decades, the word "global" has become part of our daily lives. It seems like there isn’t a day that we don't hear this word.

"Intimacy of mutual relations", "complex-connectivity", "hyper-connectivity"… There are many terms that describe this state of affairs, but leaving that aside, are our thoughts enough "Sphericized" to adapt to this phenomenon? Can we really consider what is happening on the other side of the Earth as a part of our own lives?

As globalized humans are melting the south polar ice, burning tropical rainforests and debating the definition of new geological era, at the same time AI running along internal sensors, the logical choice produced by the aggregation of information and the eventual arrival of the singularity is just starting to shine a light at the feet of humanity - how should we deal with the hardship of this hitherto unheard-of bounty?

The KIKA gallery has born in Kitayama, Kyoto, in September 2020, after a preparatory period during the Corona virus pandemic.

From Kyoto, an ancient capital where traditional culture is rooted, the KIKA gallery faces to the globalized society through contemporary art. As well as, it aims to be an open platform with the idea of cosmopolitanism which is not bound by borders.