photo by An Onghena

photo by An Onghena

The Far Side of Paper, Recomposed
An Onghena

03.15 (Fri) - 04.07 (Sun)

OPENNING PERFORMANCE 03.15 (Fri) 19:00 -

KIKA gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by Dutch artist An Onghena in collaboration with Limestone Books, a gallery in Maastricht, the Netherlands.
Inspired by the color black and an immense fascination for the book as an art object, An Onghena presents an exhibition that touches both sides. During a performance, she will install the presentation, disassemble books, unfold them into space, and transform them into mural works. Like the folded pages in the book, like the moon, there is a front and a far side: recto and verso, a known and unknown side.
The exhibited books and prints are an outcome of an effort to observe the darkness of Iceland’s night sky in 2015. This exhibition will vividly present to visitors the unique approach and profound message of Onghena’s work. We invite you to take this opportunity to step into the world of An Onghena.

Supported by Netherlands Embassy / Collaborat with Limestone Books

An Onghena

An Onghena explores an understanding of the world and the unknown along the borders of art, science, and fiction. Her practice focuses on the artist book, printing methods, movement, and performance. Onghena received an MA in Graphic Design and an MA in Research into Art & Design at Sint Lucas, Antwerp. She was a fellow at the Jan Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht, and laureate of Toegepast20 in Z33, Hasselt. Recently, her work has been exhibited at “Paraphrase” at einBuch.Haus in Berlin, “86.34”, The Contemporary Art Center, Sarasota in Florida; and “Figures and Routines” at Sea Foundation in Tilburg.