Crying Children Party”s Office

泣き子党事務所 / Crying Children Party”s Office / 哭泣的孩子党事务所
- rajiogoogoo

Curated by Momomi Harada


Open on Thu-Sun / 12:00 - 19:00

KIKA GALLERY is pleased to announce the exhibition "Crying Children Party" by Crying Children Party member rajiogoogoo.

The Crying Children Party was unexpectedly formed in May 2021. Their aim is to simply create a world where people can 'cry freely'. The somewhat comical Japanese language may at first make some people hesitant, but when you hear the "Crying Children Party" song (there are three versions in total!), you will realise that the humour of the song has an addictive quality to it. This exhibition will attempt to open the "Crying Children Party's Office" to all visitors. Where we will ponder, what exactly is the Crying Children Party fighting against, with the words 'must win' displayed inside of the gallery? Party members and staff are regularly present in the KIKA GALLERY, waiting for your visit.


rajiogoogoo was born on Earth in 1996 and graduated in Fine Arts from Southwest Nationalities University in 2019. Master's student at Kyoto University of Arts, Kyoto, Japan; formed Crying Children Party in 2021. rajiogoogoo creates works in the form of performance, video and installation in opposition to adults, mainly parents. rajiogoogoo’s major solo exhibitions include 'Hey, where am I?' (2019, ABK Japanese Language School 1st Floor Restroom, Tokyo), 'Fools' (2019, Toolshop Edokoro, Tokyo), 'Noumiso' (2020, Street, Kyoto), 'Father says 'no cross-legged'' (2021, Gallery The White, Tokyo), 'Crying Children Party' (2021, Bucks Art Materials Wagon Car, Kyoto), etc.