Kiborio TAKASE

Kiborio TAKASE Exhibition

2021.2.11 - 13

KIKA gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of Tokyo-based painter, Kiborio Takase.
Takase self-avowed “color painter of the universe”, focuses on the act of paining itself and creates works that confront the fundamental joy that lies there. “What is a painting?” “What is the two-dimensional (paint on a canvas) work?” —— in this exhibition at KIKA gallery, Takase approaches the smallest element that composes artwork, and trying to find out the secret of the its conditions.
Please do not miss this opportunity for Kiborio Takase's first solo exhibition in Kyoto.

Kiborio TAKASE

I create with a special feeling of comfort in applying paint with a brush. What is a painting, anyway? For example, let's call a square piece of paper that has been painted with paint and dried a picture. Even though it is just painted, it looks like something special is happening there. Is it just my illusion, or is it human nature?